96 Count Flavored coffee Variety Pack (12 Flavored Blends), Single-serve Cups for Keurig K cups Brewers – InfuSio Premium Roasted Coffee (Variety, 96 Compatible with 2.0)

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Price: $27.35
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Product Description

InfuSio Cofee K-CupsInfuSio Cofee K-Cups

InfuSio combines taste and convenience in a single cup. Our commitment is to bring you the best tasting single-serve pod possible. InfuSio pods are ALWAYS freshly ground, perfectly roasted, and begin from single origin, premium beans.

The best coffee, is fresh coffee

This box is PACKED WITH FLAVOR! Inside are 96 single serve pods, split up between twelve different distinct flavors!

So What’s In The Box? There are 8 each of the following flavors:

Vanilla Creme Chocolate ChipHazelnutCaramel CremeButter ToffeeCreme BruleeTexas PecanS’moresFrench ToastBananas FosterAlmond AmarettoSeasonal Flavor

All of our coffee is certified Kosher, gluten, and calorie free!

Want a single flavor? Click below!

Keurig 2.0 Compatible?

K cups flavoredK cups flavored

Completely Compatible with Keurig 2.0 Machines!

Now our coffee pods are completely compatible with all Keurig brand devices (including 2.0), and many other single serve coffee makers!

All of our coffee, including our flavored varieties, have 0 calories, 0 carbs, and contain no allergens!

Coffee RoasterCoffee Roaster

Gourmet at your Command

The best coffee, is fresh coffee. We firmly believe that coffee should be roasted, ground, and consumed as quickly as possible. NONE of our pods would dare be caught sitting in a warehouse or on a shelf for months at a time.

InfuSio BeansInfuSio Beans

The Art of Roasting

Once we’ve identified the healthiest and best looking beans, we send them to our esteemed roasting artist. Although we’ve done all the math and have discovered the perfect temperature to roast our beans at, we cannot ignore the element of artistic talent that goes into roasting. We use the most advanced roasting technology, however no amount of technology can replace a trained craftsman. Because we hold fast to this belief, our roasting artist constantly inspects and tests our process. Armed with his canine-level senses, he watches, smells, and listens to the roaster. Incredibly in tune with his equipment, the roaster becomes an extension of his own supreme talent and ability. Once the beans are roasted to our liking, we cool and degas them. It is important that beans have enough time to degas before grinding and packaging, however not enough time to get stale. Because we roast in small batches and only make to order, our beans are always fresh upon packaging.


Commitment to excellence

We at InfuSio are a close-knit company with big goals and spacious dreams. The most important of which, is your satisfaction.

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease).

96 cups in 12 Unique Flavors of Premium Roasted Coffee
Carefully Selected Excellent Highest Quality Beans blended for richness, and flavor – KOSHER CERTIFIED
The Best Coffee is Fresh Coffee!
For individual flavor boxes please visit Infusio Store

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