5lb Fair Trade Certified Nicaraguan Whole Bean Dark Roast Coffee, 100% Arabica Specialty Coffee, 80 ounces, 5 pounds, Bulk Coffee

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Fair Trade Certified Nicaraguan. A well-balanced dark roast with medium body. Finishes with prolonged cocao notes. This is one of our favorite coffees. Dark Roast. NET WT 5 lb At Gobena, we are passionate that everyone can Go Make a Difference. One way to do this is by drinking GREAT coffee for a GREAT cause. Our coffee beans are purchased fresh and in season from the farmer. For example, when our Colombian partner harvests their coffee and finishes the drying process, we import the dried green coffee beans as soon as possible. Once the beans arrive, we small batch roast them. When we say fresh, we mean fresh. We also believe that beans are roasted to bring out their original flavor. Each bean has different flavor notes and requires different roast temperatures and times. Roasting in small batches allows us to roast each bean to its full potential! Is the coffee your currently drinking over roasted? Probably so. Most roasters tend to over roast because they are using old, out of season beans. That’s why your coffee tastes burnt. This coffee is Fair Trade USA Certified. When you choose Fair Trade Certified you get quality coffee that improves lives of the farmers and protects the environment.

Fair Trade USA Certified Whole Bean Coffee. Dark Roast.
Excellent full body, well rounded coffee.
100% of profits go towards Orphan Care and Orphan Prevention. When you purchase Gobena Coffee you are making a difference in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children around the world.
Roasted using a Joper Small Batch Roaster. Joper Roasters are known for their cast iron roasting drum, which ensure that the coffee is roasted evenly and with no hotspots. Each batch of coffee is carefully roasted to bring out full flavor of the bean.
Ingredients: 100% Organic Nicaraguan Coffee Beans

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