58mm Espresso Coffee Distributor Leveler Tool Macaron Coffee Tamper with Three Angled Slopes for 58mm Portafilter with Coffee Brush

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58mm Coffee Distributor Leveler Tool

Drop this on top and give it a few spins, it will distributes coffee grounds perfect
Helped you make your espresso shots more consistent, improve channels during extraction


Weight: 500gram / 1.1pound
Bottom Diameter: 58mm, fit for 58mm portafilter
Metal extension height: 6mm.
Material: Solid food grade stainless steel Bottom tamping surface, Aluminum handle Construction.

1x 58mm Macaron Coffee Tamper
1x Coffee Brush

【Material】: Solid food grade stainless steel Bottom tamping surface, Aluminum handle Construction.
【Weight】: 500gram / 1.1pound 【Base Diameter】: 58mm
【Height Adjustable】:Height is adjustable by screwing mechanism to suit different doses or baskets. No tools needed
【Application】: Help you to better distribute the coffee grounds and make espresso shots more consistent.
【Easy Operation】:Low profile makes it easier to tamp with a straight arm at 90 degrees to the counter

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