58mm Coffee Distributor & Tamper, Dual Head Coffee Leveler Fits for 58mm Breville Portafilter, Adjustable Depth-Professional Espresso Hand Tampers (58mm)

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Color: black Size: 58mm

It will help your life more fun to make a great shot of espresso is achieving a consistent tamp.
Tamping your grounds unevenly, or with too little or too great of a tamping pressure,
will cause the water to extract through your grounds inconsistently, resulting in poor quality espresso.
This adjustable coffee distribution tool and tamper is a simple and effective way to
remove those variables from the equation.-Quick, easy and consistent.

Step tips:

STEP 1 – Load your portafilter basket with the desired amount of freshly ground coffee.
STEP 2 – Retract the distributor side to it’s shallowest depth, and place the distributor on your portafilter, blade side down.
STEP 3 – Gently spin the distributor until your coffee grounds have been evenly
distributed and leveled. If the distributor does not reach the coffee, adjust the depth accordingly.
STEP 4 – Flip the distributor over and extend the tamper (flat side) to its maximum
height. Tamp your grounds to your desired pressure.
STEP 5 – For consistent tamping every time, adjust the tamper depth so it matches the
depth of the tamp you created in Step 4.

Dual Head Design: Distributor/Leveler and tamper are designed in one, double sides are available. Unlike other Dual Head Distributor& tamper, what you need to do is adjust the depth only once for your distribute/tamp.
Adjustable Height: no need other allen keys required to adjust the screw mechanism, to suit different doses or baskets,simply loosen off the top section of coffee distributor tamper, set depth required, tighten the top section back down.
Premium Material:The 58mm coffee tamper has food-grade 304 stainless steel base that rust proof and durable. High quality Aluminum handle construction, safe and health to use. The coffee distribution tool with adjustable, solid and sturdy base to firmly press the coffee powder.
Easy to Clean:The coffee leveler 58mm is easy to clean, which can wash with water and dry thoroughly.
Package Included:1X 58mm Coffee Distributor & Tamper.

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