54mm Bottomless Portafilter Naked Portafilter – Fits 54mm Breville Espresso Machines Barista Series with 1 Cup filter Basket, Dual Function Spoon Included(Rosewood)

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Espresso”tiger striping”is a good sign

sujudesujude Avoid making bad coffee

Bad sign:multiple streams develop or the stream collects to one side.

Caused by a grind that is inconsistent or the wrong size, under- or overdosing the coffee, or an uneven tamp.

How to solved ?

You can then focus on methods that produce more evenness, be it through adjusting distribution, grind, or tamping.

How to tell if coffee is good or bad?


To make good coffee, in addition to good coffee accessories to assist, you also need good coffee making skills. Here are some tips how to tell if coffee is good or bad?

1. When extracting coffee,espresso”tiger striping”is a good sign 2. The espresso should collect along the bottom of the basket into the centre, and then flow down in a compact column. 3. The texture should be viscous and silky, and you shouldn’t see espresso trying to escape from other areas of the basket or displaying major variations of colour in one spot.


Fit for 54 mm Machine: SUJUDE 54 mm portafilter, can work with Barista Express/ Pro/Touch, Bambino Plus, Infuser and Duo-Temp Pro and etc. NOT for 54MM Breville Dual Boiler, Oracle or Oracle Touch!(Please read carefully before buying)
Naked Portafilter: Our espresso portafilter with the spout removed and the basket exposed, allowing you to watch the entire extraction process, and make adjustments with less guesswork, and get the the shiny golden brown coffee column.
High Quality: The removable basket of bottomless portafilter, made of food-grade SUS 304 stanless steel, rustproof, durable, easy to use and clean; the handle, made of well-selected top grade rosewood, provides comfortable grip for operation.
Yield 50% or more of Crema: With our portafilter, because there are no spouts for the espresso to pass through, the crema will be much more developed, as less of it will disintegrate in the spouts, which will lead to the shots having a better flavor.
Extra 2-in-1 Spoon and Brush: This cleaning brush with spoon, help you to clean out the coffee grouds from portafilter.Package Included: 1*Handle, 1*Basket, and a 2-in-1 Spoon Brush. great gift for coffee lovers, birthdays, Thanksgiving and etc.

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