54mm Bottomless Espresso Portafilter 3 Ears Coffee Handle Fit For Breville 8 Series – BES840/870/875/878/880/810/500 Stainless Steel Wooden Coffee Accessories With 1 Cup Filter Basket

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54mm bottomless portafilter, suitable for Breville Barista 8 Series and 54mm Breville Machines. The handle is made of solid wood for a comfortable grip, and the stainless steel body and powder bowl are safe and easy to clean. The use of a bottomless handle can help us judge the uniformity of the extraction while producing better fats, so as to make a more delicious espresso.

Product name: three ear coffee bottomless handle
Product material: stainless steel + solid wood
Style: 54mm
Packing size: 23.2*7.5*4.7cm
Product diameter: about 225mm
Product height: about 35mm
Uses: coffee extraction
Scope of application: coffee shop/milk tea shop/western restaurant/home

How to use:
1.Add coffee powder to the powder bowl
2.Use a powder dispenser
3.Use powder hammer
4.Flatten the pressed powder
5.Make coffee
6.Extract the coffee

1 *Coffee Bottomless Portafilter
1 *Double Cup filter Basket

1.Beginners using the bottomless portafilter may cause the coffee liquid to splash because the mouth of the coffee cup is too narrow, the cup is too shallow or the cup is too far from the handle.
2.If you are not a beginner, splashing means that there is a “channel effect” in the extraction process, which has nothing to do with whether you use bottomless, but the bottomless handle makes this phenomenon directly appear in front of your eyes. It is recommended to find the reason in the extraction schemes such as baking degree, grinding degree, powder amount, filling pressure, etc.
3.Cannot make two espresso at the same time. The bottomless portafilter diameter is mainly the inner diameter of the powder bowl.

[54mm Breville 8 series] – This product is suitable for 54mm Breville series BES840/BES870/BES875/BES878/BES880/BES500/BES810. Please NOTE that other models or brands are not applicable.
[Good Partner] – The high-quality companion of the barista, the bottomless design allows you to intuitively see the water flow, and observe the position, flow rate, color and luster of the espresso after the powder cake, observe the state of coffee extraction, and find the defects and errors before the extraction.
[Obvious Concentrated Flavor] – 54mm fine hole filter basket design, evenly filter coffee powder, extraction with a bottomless handle can produce 50% or better oil, the espresso flavor is obvious.
[Easy to clean] – Select high-quality cast stainless steel, not easy to rust, clean and easy to clean, so that the pressurized hot water evenly penetrates the coffee powder to extract good coffee.
[Solid wood handle] – Made of solid wood, combined with ergonomic arc design, good comfort, not easy to slip. It can be disassembled freely for easy cleaning and can also be replaced with different material handles or single and double flow brewing heads.

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