53mm Coffee Distributor & Tamper Tool – Fits 54mm Breville Portafilter – Adjustable Depth Espresso Tamper For Professional Espresso – Dual Head Leveler For Easy Hand Tamper Use

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The essential tool to simplify coffee distribution and tamping. Designed to fit the Breville 54mm portafilters for the Barista Express, Pro, Touch, Bambino, Bambino Plus, Infuser and Duo-Temp Pro. You can enjoy improved espresso shots with the coffee distributor evenly spreading and preparing grounds for tamping. Our espresso distribution tool and tamper will allow you to test and maintain consistent tamping pressure through the adjustable and lockable tamper features. Handle with ease, using our diamond pattern grip. Tamp confidently knowing the tamper collar will sit flush with the portafilter, ensuring a level tamp and even extraction. You can enjoy improved espresso shots and eliminate tamping uncertainty with a single tool. Buy confidently with our hassle-free customer service.
Quick Start Guide to Adjusting the Coffee Distributor and Tamper Height:

  • Loosen the two adjusting rings in the middle by rotating them in opposite directions.
  • Hold the adjusting rings fixed.
  • Set the distributor side to the minimum height. If the distributor side does not reach the grounds, adjust it to a depth to reach and flatten the grounds.
  • Flip the tool over and set the tamper depth to Breville’s recommended tamping depth.
  • Lock the distributor and tamper depths by rotating the adjusting rings back together while maintaining the desired distributor and tamper depths.

Using the Tool to Distribute and Tamp Your Coffee:

  • Put the desired amount of coffee grounds into the portafilter basket.
  • Place the distributor side down, so that it rests on the grounds or portafilter basket.
  • Spin the distributor clockwise a few times to level the grounds.
  • Flip the tool over so the tamper faces the grounds and tamp the grounds to your desired pressure.

Enjoy Improved Espresso Shots – As you spin the coffee distributor, it evenly spreads grounds and fills gaps within the portafilter to reduce channeling and provide a smoother, richer shot.
Tamp Confidently – When fully tamped, the collar will sit flush with your portafilter basket to ensure a level tamp and even water distribution across your coffee for a better extraction.
Simplify Tamping Pressure – The adjustable tamping depth allows you to refine your desired pressure, and lock in the depth to produce repeatable results.
Quick and Easy Use – Our diamond pattern grip provides easy handling. With the compact 2-in-1 design, you can quickly move from distributing to tamping.
Our Promise to You – We are a family-owned brand focused on helping people make great coffee. If you are not happy with your 53mm tamper, we offer hassle-free customer service. We provide service and support to ensure your coffee tamper and distributor works as expected. Message us directly through Amazon for more information.

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