53mm Coffee Distributor and Tamper – 2 in1 Dual Head Coffee Leveler Fits for 54mm Breville Portafilter – Depth Adjustable Professional Espresso Tampers Distributor Leveler Tool

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Etotel Double-Headed Adjustable Espresso Tamper and Distributor
Take your Breville skills and style up a notch with a professional, dual-head portafilter leveler and tamp.
Level, evenly distributed grounds are an essential first step in achieving the perfectly packed basket of fine ground espresso. 
Twist the 3 leaf clover dial side down 3 times to evenly disperse the grounds. Turn your tool over and use the flat base palm tamper. 
Packing the grounds tight creates the right amount of pressure for a proper espresso pull.
Use the distribution/leveling side to evenly distribute the grounds in your portafilter, 
then flip to the adjustable tamper side for a uniform tamp, every time.
Here’s How it works:
STEP 1 – Load your portafilter basket with the desired amount of freshly ground coffee.
STEP 2 – Retract the distributor side to it’s shallowest depth, and place the distributor on your portafilter, blade side down.
STEP 3 – Gently spin the distributor until your coffee grounds have been evenly distributed and leveled.
 If the distributor does not reach the coffee, adjust the depth accordingly. 
(Note: you do not want to be applying heavy pressure to the grounds at this stage — only enough to level the coffee in the basket.)
STEP 4 – Flip the distributor over and extend the tamper (flat side) to its maximum height. Tamp your grounds to your desired pressure.
STEP 5 – For consistent tamping every time, adjust the tamper depth so it matches the depth of the tamp you created in Step 4.
COMPATIBILITY : 53mm Adjustable Distributor & Tamper – 53mm base designed to work with the tapered Breville 54mm portafilter baskets, including the Barista Express, Pro, Touch, Bambino Plus, Infuser and Duo-Temp Pro.
ADIUSTABLE DEPTH : Set your desired tamping depth,Evenly redistributes coffee grounds and provide a larger flat surface area for the barista to apply an even tamping pressure using the palm of the hand which helps with control and consistency.
DUAL HEAD : Distributor and tamper are designed in one, double sides are available.Height is adjustable by it’s screw mechanism (no grub screws ,shims, or allen keys required) to suit different doses or baskets.
EASY TO CLEAN : This espresso tamper has a detachable design, and the metal surface is smooth, which makes coffee powder not easy to stick; even if the trace of coffee powder is sometimes stuck in the thread, it can be wiped off with a paper towel or a brush.
INGENIOUS DESIGN : This espresso coffee distributor & tamper is made of high-grade metal precision processing, and through a 2-in-1 design, the distributor and the tamper are designed into one, the front and back sides are perfectly matched to complete the leveler&tamper work. And every corner of the coffee tamper has been finely sanding, so that it’s smooth and will not hurt your hands.

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