(2-Pack) Reusable Organic Cotton Pour Over Cone Filters — Pourover Coffee Filter Maker for Hario V60 Size 01 Cup Ceramic, Glass, Plastic Dripper — Designed in California

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Once you try our reusable Hario v60 Size 01 pour over coffee filter you won’t go back to using paper filters or another coffee sock brand.
We invite you to make the switch from Hario’s paper filters. Give us a try – if you still prefer paper filters afterwards, we’ll reimburse you!
1) Boil filtered water. Tap water can have a chemical residues which can affect the taste of your coffee. 2) Grind fresh coffee beans. On a Baratza Encore grinder we use the middle (20) setting. 3) Place Doppelgänger Goods filter into your Hario v60 coffee dripper. Start with 2 level tablespoons | 10g of coffee for every ~6-8oz | cup of water. 4) Right after the water boils, pour water in a circular pattern to wet all of the coffee grounds. Let the coffee bloom for 30 second. Repeat the process until you fill your cup.
It’s simple to clean your reusable filter. Just following these steps you’ll be a pro before you know it! —Remove the filter from your Hario pour over dripper then grab the filter by the Doppelgänger Goods logo to dump out spent coffee grounds over your trash or compost bin. Don’t just dump in the sink – coffee grounds will eventually clog it! —Rinse the filter under the faucet, turning it inside out to wash out any remaining grounds. —Squeeze water from the filter. Don’t wring the filter dry since that may alter the bag’s shape. —Place or hang somewhere to dry. We usually just stick the filter back into the Hario dripper.
*Coffee Residue, Oil Build-Up, Mildew, or Mold*
It’s normal for the cotton fabric to build up some coffee residue, oils, and even mildew or mold. If this happens we recommend soaking the bag overnight in a mixture of vinegar.
Since 1980 Doppelgänger Goods, part of the Doppeltree family of brands, has been designing premium products right here in California.
☕️ ❛ (WAY) BETTER THAN HARIO FILTERS ❜ With our coffee pour over filter you’ll 1) Save money 2) Get a high five for avoiding single cup coffee filters 3) Enjoy a better tasting pour over coffee. Bonus: You can skip hot water rinsing a paper coffee filter to get rid of the funny taste!
☕️ ❛ BETTER THAN OTHER REUSABLE POUR OVER COFFEE FILTER ❜ Metal filters don’t filter well. Other cotton fabric is too thick so filtering takes longer and overfiltering means losing some flavor. Our reusable coffee filter is just right!
☕️ ❛ EASY TO CLEAN ❜ We admit that reusable coffee filters are harder to clean vs paper coffee filters. It wasn’t just for looks to stitch our logo to the bottom of the Hario v60 filter. Grab it to dump used grounds directly into the trash, then rinse the filter and air dry.
☕️ ❛ 100% NATURAL ORGANIC COTTON ❜ We proudly source our organic cotton around the world from awesome people who also make stitch them by hand.
☕️ ❛ HANDS DOWN BEST HARIO FILTER ❜ Each cloth coffee filter will last you 200+ uses. And we give you 2! So give us a try. If you don’t love it, we’ll give you your money back.

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