(2-Pack) Organic Cotton Cold Brew Coffee Bag – Designed in California – Reusable Coffee Filter with EasyOpen Drawstring Cold Brew Maker for Pitchers, Mason Jars, & Toddy Systems (Large 12″ x 12″)

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Product Description

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Once you try our cotton cold brew coffee filter bag you won’t go back to using nylon bags (great for leggings, not coffee!) or another brand.

You might think all cold brew coffee filter bags are the same, but small design differences really add up. That’s where Doppelgänger Goods, part of the Doppeltree family of brands, stands out above the competition with our premium natural organic cotton cold brew coffee bag.


Search “toddy” in our reviews to see why other Toddy brewers have made the switch from felt filters to our cotton bags. Give us a try – if you still prefer Toddy’s felt filters afterwards, we’ll reimburse you.


Since 1980 Doppelgänger Goods, part of the Doppeltree family of brands, has been designing premium products right here in California.

Give us a try, you won’t regret it.






We use the best natural organic cotton to make our cold brew bags.

No if’s, and’s, or but’s.


Our cold brew bags are hand-made and use a super fine weave so that only coffee, nut milk, or juice gets filtered out. This way you won’t have any sludge left behind.

If you’ve used nylon filter bags before you’re probably familiar with the “sludge” that ends up in your cup. Kind of ruins your morning, right?

With our cold brew coffee bag, just filter once and you’re done. No more filtering multiple times, or using paper filters to filter again, making a mess of your kitchen counter!

Go ahead and wring every last drop of your coffee, nut milk, or juice out of the filter bag. Our bags won’t cry, tear, or fray.


The last thing you want to do after you’re ready to enjoy your freshly made cold brew coffee, nut milk, or juice is to spend minutes trying to pry and loosen a wet cotton drawstring, fiddle around with rubber bands, clasps, etc. It’s enough to make you dump your entire brew into the trash from sheer frustration (we’ve heard)!

That’s why we’re all about KISS: Keep It Simple Sam (added “Sam” to make the acronym work better). Our EasyOpen drawstring is made from nylon, which makes untying the bag a fast, simple, and dare-we-say, enjoyable process r/oddlysatisfying.

We also made sure cleaning the bag is easy too. Just turn the cold brew coffee bag inside out, dump most of the grounds into the garbage or compost, and then rinse it out under the faucet. Air dry, and soon you’ll be ready to go with another batch of this wonderful caffeinated elixir.



It’s easy to make your own cold brew at home, even if it’s your first time.

Just follow these simple steps:


No need for anything fancy schmancy here, save yourself a few bucks and stay away from those specialized and expensive cold brew containers.

A wide-mouth mason jar or any container with a relatively large opening that holds around 64oz / 6 cups / 1.89 liters / 1,893 milliliters will work (just saved you some conversions!). Make sure it also has a lid that can close tightly.



Before the bag arrives, make sure you have coffee at home. Feel free to use whatever coffee you have available. You don’t need anything fancy schmancy here either. After you’ve done a few brews you can experiment with different beans – light, medium, dark, single/multiple origin, flavored, fancy ones, etc – and adjust to your taste.

The most important thing about your coffee grounds is the grind.

A course grind is key, think consistency of sea salt. The store-bought-pre-ground coffee is normally for drip brews machines like the one you (tolerate) at work. Ideally, buy whole beans and grind them at home right before you make a brew, preferably using a burr (and not a spinning-blade-of-death) grinder.

Or, feel free to grind in the store, but using – REPEAT AFTER MEEEE! – a course grind.



WASH BAG: We recommend rinsing it in warm water and/or use a little dish soap.STRETCH the bag over your container (don’t have a container? Go back to Step 1). GRIND & MEASURE COFFEE: grab your sea-salt course grounds and start with a 1 : 5 coffee grounds to water ratio and adjust from there. It’s ok to use more water (1 : 8 ratio or more). If the cold brew ends up a bit too concentrated, just dilute right before you drink it, no one’s judging you. In fact, we prefer a concentrated brew since it means we have a lot more for the coming week!CLOSE the bag by pulling the drawstring tight, cinch up the top of the bag, then tie the drawstring around opening.WAIT: The hardest part, wait for 12-24 hours and let chemistry work it’s magic. REMOVE & SQUEEZE: After 12-24 hours, remove the bag and use your hands to squeeze the the bag. Feel free to use another container to help catch the dripping cold brew.CLEAN bag by following EASY TO USE AND CLEAN UP section above

Bag Size (Width x Height)

27in x 27in

22in x 26in

12in x 12in

8in x 12in

12in x 12in

Filter Mesh Size (Microns)

Fine ~210 microns

Super Fine ~90 microns

Super Fine ~90 microns

Super Fine ~90 microns

Super Fine ~90 microns

Fabric Material


Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

Nylon Drawstring

Best Used For

Beer brewing – grain, partial mash

Very large batches of nut milk, cold brew coffee, wine, cider, fruit and veggie juices

64oz or larger batches of cold brew coffee

64oz or less batches of cold brew coffee, replacement for Toddy felt pad filters

Nut-soy-coconut milks, yogurt, kombucha, fruit and veggie juicing

☕️ ❛ FILTERS OUT ALL GROUNDS AND SLUDGE ❜ The extra fine weave of our cold brew coffee maker ensures only filtered coffee leaves, while coarse ground coffee and sludge stays behind.
☕️ ❛ 100% NATURAL ORGANIC COTTON ❜ Our extra large 12in x 12in U-Shaped wide opening cold brew bag makes it easy to pour your cold brew coffee grounds into and out of the filter bag to avoid messes.
☕️ ❛ HASSLE-FREE EASYOPEN DRAWSTRING ❜ Compared to other cotton coffee bags our nylon drawstring makes it easy to open and close even when wet. Use in carafes, jugs, even a Toddy cold brew system.
☕️ ❛ EFFORTLESS CLEAN UP ❜ Durable construction let’s you squeeze out every last drop of ice coffee without tearing. Turn the cold brew bag inside out, rinse under the faucet, and then air dry.
☕️ ❛ HANDS DOWN BEST ICED COFFEE MAKER FOR THE PRICE ❜ If you don’t love it, we’ll give you your money back. TODDY BREWERS: replace your felt filters with our cotton bags, you won’t go back to felt!

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