2 Pack Impresa Espresso Cleaning Disc for Select Breville Espresso Machines – 54mm Backflush Disc for Espresso Makers Comparable to Breville Part BES870XL/11.2 Rubber Disks

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Price: $10.99
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Backflush Your Espresso Maker

There’s nothing better than starting the morning with a fresh shot of espresso. To ensure you
always get the best taste, you’ll need to clean your maker regularly.

Use our replacement Breville espresso cleaning disc to backflush the valve system. Doing so will
keep your machine optimal and your coffee flowing. Our enhanced design comes with a
water purging hole.

With a pack of 2, you’ll always have an extra.


Impresa’s backflush disc fits Breville models BES870XL, BES810BSS, BES840XL,
BES878BSS, BES880, and other machines with the same fit and require 54mm diameter disc


This is an aftermarket product manufactured by Impresa Products. Any other brands mentioned
are for illustrative purposes only and are in no way affiliated with Impresa Products, nor do
they endorse Impresa Products.

Clean Your Espresso Machine — To get the best shot of espresso every time, your machine needs to run smoothly. Regularly backflushing the valve system will help maintain optimal coffee flow. Use our cleaning disc compatible with select Breville espresso machines with a tablet to get the job done (tablets not included)
Exact Fit For — Impresa’s blind espresso disc is precision cut to fit Breville models – Duo-Temp Pro, the Infuser, the Barista Pro, The Barista Touch, The Barista Express and more (BES810BSS, BES840XL, BES878BSS, BES880, BES870XL…). With a diameter of 54mm, it may work with other espresso machines as well
Water Purging Hole — Our cleaning disk compatible with select Breville machines has a tiny hole in the middle to purge water during use. Protect your espresso maker with the right accessories
Easy To Use — Whether you are a professional barista or at-home coffee enthusiast, backflushing with this espresso cleaning tool is simple. Place it in the portafilter and run the cycle a few times (please follow manufacturer instructions)
Durable 2 Pack — Our compatible Breville cleaning kit comes with 2 backflush discs. They are made from 100% silicone that will last for years. Using a backflush insert with espresso cleaning tablets will help extend the life of your machine

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