12-Cup Coffee Maker,Drip Coffee Machine with Glass Carafe, Keep Warm, 24H Programmable Timer, Brew Strength Control, Touch Control, Anti-Drip System, Self-Cleaning Function

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Turn up coffee machine, 24H Programmable Timer, 12-Cup Coffee Maker to bright up your day!

What’re its features?

(1) Six touch screen buttons and LCD screen, easy to operate

(2) Three adjustable temperature (low /medium/ /high) control to ensure the original taste of coffee.

(3) 24H programmed appointment function, free drink anytime

(4) Anti-drip design, keep away from clutter and untidy

(5) 12 cups of large capacity to meet the coffee needs of the whole family

Using steps:

Step 1: Open the water tank and pour into cold water, taking care not to exceed the max water level.

Step 2: Put the filter basket into the funnel, and then add your favorite ground coffee.

Step 3: Close the water tank cover, plug in the socket, and wait.

Step 4: Tap BREW/AUTO OFF button to start brewing.

NOTE:It will enter keep-warm mode automatically after brewing finished.

When the keep-warm time is up (Default time: 30 min), it will enter standby status.

During brewing and keep-warm, the HR/MIN/PROG button is invalid Healthy Life. 

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Main key functions


Press the “HR” button once, the hour will increase by 1 hour; long pressing the “HR” button for 1 second, the hour will increase rapidly 

Press the “MIN” key once, the minutes will increase by 1 minute; long pressing the “MIN” key for 1 second, the minutes will increase rapidly

2. CARAFE TEMP Keep warm time setting

3. PROG Appointment time setting

4. Clean Automatic clean function

5.1-4/Mute c
Keep Warm Function: Hot plate with 3 adjustable temperature settings keeps freshly brewed coffee at around Low(167°F), Medium(172°F) or High(178°F) for 4hrs, enables you to enjoy a cup of delicious and warm coffee anytime.
Large Capacity: Coffee maker provides up to 12 cups at a time, so it’s enough for you to brew and share delicious hot coffee with family and friends anytime .
Customizable Brewing Strength: 1-4 cup function drips coffee more slowly to increase concentration; you can choose between regular and bold coffee to suit your taste
Anti-Drip System: Temporarily stops the flow of coffee when you take out the carafe to pour and serve coffee, without making a mess, before brewing is completed.
24-Hour Programmable Brewing: Before you go to bed, set the coffee maker to brew at a specific time to wake up and enjoy a cup of fresh hot coffee the next morning .

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